Public Sector/

Public sector / Government

Governments across the world are introducing major change agendas in response to the ever increasing demands made by burgeoning populations and changes in socio-political and economic factors.

To be successful, government transformation programmes need to be aligned with strategic objectives; and robust and clearly defined processes must be in place to deliver the required services and benefits to the societies they serve.

Resources and Heavy Industry

Resources and Heavy industry

FTC has an experienced resource sector consulting team. Our coaches have a proven track record of delivering sustainable solutions to both large multi-national and mid-cap mining houses, helping them achieve improved results consistently over extended periods.

Financial Services


Financial Services

The last two decades have witnessed increasing diversity in the services offered by financial institutions. The resultant overlap between different types of institutions has led to significant changes in the competitive arena. In addition, the more stringent regulatory requirements have led to the need for sophisticated business models and innovation to efficiently exploit the opportunities in this market. ods.

Africa – Emerging Markets


Africa – Emerging Markets

Africa is undoubtedly the world’s next business frontier. Buoyed by strong economic growth, on-going reforms, high commodity prices and improved investor perceptions, the continent has seen significant investment inflows into Sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade.

We believe that business success in Africa requires a ‘hands-on’ approach to address institutional and infrastructural constraints, which is different to doing business in the developed world.



Fast moving consumer goods


FTC’s track record includes engagements in a number of other sectors. Significantly large projects have been delivered in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Telecommunications.